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VinoyK4 (waterproofing and anti-spotting agent) 18 kg.

Vinoy Plus (water and oil repellent finishing agent) 18 kg.

Trebon Plus (superconcentrated heavy-duty detergent for white textiles) 25 kg.

Trebon Color (concentrated detergent for coloured textiles) 25 kg.

Trebon 2 (enzyme-containing wash-power booster) 24 kg.

SolvonK4 (halogen-free and organic solvent) 18 kg.

PrenettK4 (brushing and pre-spotting agent) 22 kg.

Prenett Max (mild pre-spotting agent) 24 kg.

Prenett CS (The GreenEarth® pre-spotter pre-brushing agent) 22 kg.

Prenett C (pre-spotting agent) 4.5 kg.

Prenett B (pre-spotting agent) 4.5 kg.

Prenett ABC Set (pre-spotting agents) 0.5 kg.

Prenett A (pre-spotting agent) 4.5 kg.

Peramon (acid-binder and stabilizer) 4.5 kg.

Ottalin Soft (fabric softener) 24 kg.

Ottalin ODX (laundry odour absorber) 25 kg.

Ottalin Finish (finishing agent) 25 kg.

Lanadol X Press (heavy duty special cleaning agent) 24 kg.

Lanadol Avant (colour and fibre-protecting special fat dissolver) 24 kg.

Lanadol Apret (fibre-protecting agent) 24 kg.

Lanadol Aktiv (special cleaning and fibre protection agent) 24 kg.

Hydrob Easydry (water and oil proofing agent) 24 kg.

Derval Solo (liquid one-shot detergent concentrate for white and coloured) 28 kg.

Deprit Professional Set 1-6 (range of spotting agents) 5 kg.

Colofix (fixing and levelling agent for direct dyes) 5 kg.

ClipK4 (drycleaning detergent) 24 kg.

Clip CSL (concentrated drycleaning detergent) 22 kg.

Clip Comfort (concentrated drycleaning detergent) 24 kg.

Clip Combi (concentrated drycleaning detergent) 24 kg.

Aromatex (perfume concentrate) 9 kg.

Alkanon (acid binding adsorbent for solvent maintenance) 20 kg.

Adsorbon (highly active filter powder) 25 kg.

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